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The HIGH VALUE Mindset of The Irresistible Woman

The 5 RED FLAGS to Save You From Wasted Time in the Wrong Relationship

Tips for ONLINE DATING in the 2020’s

How To Cut Through The Bullshit and Know a Guy’s TRUE Intentions

The 3 Most DANGEROUS Mistakes Women Make in Choosing a Long Term Partner

Create Your Own “Perfect Partner Blueprint” (Interactive Exercises)

Your Perfect Partner Blueprint

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Transforming What’s Possible in Your Relationships
w/ Cassie Bock (client)

Creating Results in OTHER Life Areas “Accidentally”

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7 The Limits of What’s Possible & Catching Fire

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Irresistible Breathrough Call

Give your love life the attention it deserves with this one-on-one call designed to evaluate where you are, where you want to go, and if the Being Irresistible Program is a good vehicle to get there.

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