Become an irresistible woman and create an epic romantic partnership with a top-level guy who honors and commits to you.


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…you’ll ever need to truly have it all and become “The One And Only” to attract and build that epic romantic partnership you deserve.

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*Includes expanded training for your Perfect Match blueprint.


  • You have plenty of guys willing to date you, but you rarely meet the high caliber, quality guys you actually want.
  • In a constant cycle of casual relationships which never evolve into anything truly meaningful.
  • Feeling powerless in trying to figure out what guys are thinking and feeling in an effort to understand his true intentions with you.
  • Persistent single life has you secretly fearful of growing old and alone.
  • Feel the pressure to live up to impossible standards of physical beauty that come with being a woman.
  • Witnessing out-of-left-field behavior from dates and boyfriends that leaves you completely confused.


  • Continuously meeting guys who are not up to your standards and wondering if you are being too picky or should go back to your ex.
  • You wonder if you’re dating the right kind of guys, and what type of guy is really best for you.
  • Want to find a solid and sweet guy that will honor you, and who you are also physically and sexually attracted to.
  • Going back to ex-boyfriends because you fear that something better will never come.
  • Face with the same challenge in each relationship, over and over, for no obvious reason.
  • Dating guys who are sex-focused and unsure of how to navigate these relationships.
  • Struggle with maintaining your lifestyle and honoring your values while building a relationship with a new partner.




It’s about time you got the relationship you deserve.

You know, that loving, romantic partnership with your best friend and lover, all wrapped up into one.

Are you tired of dating around in hopes of creating THAT relationship, only to find yourself with guys who put in the bare minimum effort…

And never ready to commit?

I’m Justin Messina, and I’ve been working with amazing women like yourself to transform their love life, once and for all.


is the World’s #1 Program for Women

to “Crush It” in their Love Lives

We are personalized performance consultants and strategists who use a hybrid-style, proprietary technology to get you living at your best, master your social life, and have complete influence over your love life.

Until now, it’s been hard to have true confidence that your love life is going in the right direction.

It’s so hard to MEASURE success in your love life until you’re in that ultimate relationship you’ve been waiting for and jump in 100%. 

But how do you know if you’re on a good path? 

Too often, you get into a relationship. It’s new. It’s fresh. It’s exhilirating. Everything seems perfect. Then.. at some point.. something out of the blue, it blows up into a thousand pieces…

And you’re back to square one.

This might just seem like an inevitable part of your love life, but I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be.

Women often put off going head into our program because they just began a new relationship. The perception is that they’ve won the love game.

However, being in a relationship is arbitrary to success, especially because you might be missing signs that tell you that this relationship is doomed for failure.

Wasting time with the wrong guy is the worst position to be in when you’re after a powerful, lasting partnership.

BEING IRRESISTIBLE is your VEHICLE to take you to having complete dominion over your love life…



In working with women and studying attraction and social dynamics over the past decade, it is clear that there are TWO key areas that present the biggest obstacles for women.

And the Immersion Program is designed around these TWO key factors that present the greatest GAP for women like you who desire creating an extraordinary partnership.

#1 They are not in touch with and living out their truest, highest value.

#2 There is a fundamental misunderstanding of men.

There is nothing Earth-shattering about these statements, but the lack of either (or both) of these plays out monumentally in its impact on you and presents a significant barrier between you and getting everything you want.


Meet Justin Messina

Creator of Being Irresistible

A personalized performance strategist, Justin’s work has focused on helping people unleash their core abilities to achieve transformative results in the areas of life that are most precious.

Helping people achieve the “Extreme Result” – that fundamentally important achievement in life that we desire more than anything (reliably in people’s career or primary relationship). These Extreme Results are usually very challenging and often seem out of reach.

With clients, Justin is raw, brutally honest and brings a fierce determination to having his clients win.

Justin grew up in Rhode Island and earned his Masters in Systems Engineering from the University of Rhode Island in 2012, and now calls South Florida home.

He has extensive background in performance-based ontological and psychological practices, created the Becoming Mrs Right Program in January 2018, and has been worked with women for relationship success since 2017.


Getting dates is not the problem.

But you know there’s something deeper in the way of having it all.

So how do you attract a high value man who is ready to honor you and commit to you, and only you, in an equal, romantic partnership?

The dating world can be like navigating your way through a minefield. With each new interaction, you carefully guard your heart to protect yourself from another dud.

…or you cautiously open your heart in hopeful optimism that this is the one worth your precious time and affection.

What if you had a map that showed you exactly what to avoid and where to step to reach your blissful destination? 


The program is rooted in transformational performance principles. This creates a solid foundation of core confidence and self-expression to be at your best, which completely transcends dating tips and tactics.


Get inside the mind of a man to thoroughly see through his eyes: how he operates, what challenges does he face, why he commits, and what to be looking for to gain valuable information on who he is and if he’s worth it.


Our proprietary technology to develop your Perfect Partner Blueprint, Personal Brand, Unique Dating Strategy, and more, to gain crystal clarity on what you want, how to get it, and where exactly you are in your journey.

Introducing the Final Solution for your love life…

 The Best Resource for putting YOU in the drivers’ seat of your love life.

How We Stand Out As The One And Only Program that delivers with Speed and Reliability

Private 1-on-1 Sessions where you will have your own time block reserved for you, and work with Justin personally to expand on the trainings and principles in the program.

Personal Branding Technology to find  GAPS (aka immediate opportunities) for fast breakthroughs into living your best self, including how other people see you at your best.

The Membership Portal with a variety of trainings to give you exactly what you need to be making swift and consistent ground towards your end game.

Archived Trainings from years past, sorted by topic, gives you unprecedented access to find the information and insights you need in a vast array of areas.

Superior Onboarding Process including our proprietary Assessments, Questionnaire,  Fast Start Foundations trainings and 1-on-1 Roadmap Session to have you hit the ground running and set up properly to win.

What We Stand For


With an always evolving Membership Portal to access, Strategic Advisors in your corner, and a consistent weekly schedule of events, the Immersion Program is an experience where you won’t have to worry about getting complacent or bored.


We pride ourselves in being an organization where there is always a person to reach. We feel we are in the game with you and enjoy being active players (and REAL PEOPLE) in your journey. Likewise, the Immersion Program is designed with constant “touch points” so you aren’t left to figure any bit out on your own.


We want you to get to the gold as fast as humanly possible. Even the principles in our program that take time (such as building mental muscles), we have you diving in fast. From the program outline to your customized roadmap we give you, everything is about accelerating your timeline.

What you get inside the Being Irresistible Program

  • A deep dive into your past dates and relationships to discover your current situation.
  • Creating a crystal clear road-map for the months ahead with actionable items and tangible checkpoints along the way.
  • Learning new mental models and mastery over who you are at your core to unleash your greatest personality advantages, including your own personal brand.
  • Belief tracking and crafting to change your thoughts to shift your reality and results into your favor.
  • Female/male interactions dissected to learn the key dynamics at play and how to spot them.
  • Tools and strategies to pick your perfect partner match with simple and effective strategies to filter out men who will pose problems.
  • Understanding the world of a man and be able to finally “GET” men’s behavior like few women in the world.


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You can trust us!

Our No-Fail Guarantee

For any development-based program, results can never be promised, because so much of that depends on what you do once you join the program. What we have done is create a simple, straightforward, support-rich environment to make getting results as easy as possible. Our guarantee is that is you use the program as designed and take the recommended actions, you will get results.

This stuff works.. Here’s the proof.

Sneak Peek inside the Membership Portal

Foundational Trainings

  • Defining your End-Game and Winning with the program
  • Diagnosis & Awareness of your current situation
  • Pattern Recognition activities to flush out ineffective behaviors
  • Discovering your current Beliefs and their effect on your life
  • The Fundamental Law of Value as it plays out in dating & relationships

Positioning Trainings

  • Personal Branding technology to live at your best and stand out socially
  • Refining Relationship Vision using best practices
  • Attraction triggers and leveling up your perceived value as a partner

Program Birdseye View

Your First Month

We get you grounded with the foundational trainings and key principles you need, as well as create your customized roadmap in the first weeks in the program.


From a personal brand that unleashes your greatest advantages to refining exactly who and what you are attracting on a daily basis, you will be empowered and set up to win.

Tactics & Strategy

Specific strategies for meeting, dating and communicating with men, as well as a vast collection of trainings for life and love success.


When you register for the Being Irresistible signature program, we will be in immediate contact with you and will gain access to our private member portal, and will be on your way TODAY to transforming your love life.

Choose the Plan That Works For You



6 Month
Payment Plan



One Payment

*16% Discount*

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