Create A Lasting, Loving Partnership with a High Quality ManĀ 

..and how to avoid the common pitfalls.

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Our Cornerstones


You don’t have precious time to waste, so you move fast. We work with ambitious and driven women and our trainings are crafted and refined for you to “Get to the Gold” faster.

Loyal to Results

We live by the motto “Results are King.” We do not get stuck on specific ideas, companies or our own opinions. We are only loyal to results, and we are set on continuous refinement so you have access to the best tools (and advisors) on the planet.

Human Touch

In a world of automation, we believe in having a real person to talk to when you need it. Our community is built on real human connection and never hiding behind software or a bot.

Give your love life the attention it deserves with this one-on-one session designed to evaluate where you are, where you want to go, and if the Being Irresistible Program is a good vehicle for you to get there.

Working with Justin was instrumental in understanding how I was being perceived by men.” -Ana P.

I am not shy, timid Nicole anymore! I am an ever-evolving, audacious, and empowered GODDESS.” -Nicole E.

This morning a miracle happened and my boyfriend and I are moving in together!” -Natasha V.

Justin Messina

Justin Messina

Creator of Being Irresistible

Justin Messina is a self-integration coach and the creator of the Being Irresistible program.

Justin’s work has focused on helping people unleash their core abilities to realize transformative results in the areas of life that are most precious, andĀ achieve the “Extreme Result,” that fundamentally important achievement in life that we desire more than anything (reliably in people’s career or primary relationship).

Justin grew up in Rhode Island and now calls South Florida home. He has a Masters degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Rhode Island, has extensive training as a coach from companies, including the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Landmark Worldwide as well as extensive coaching experience using an integrated (holistic) approach.

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